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Monongahela Cemetery is a not-for-profit corporation, all proceeds from the products and services we offer are used for upkeep and maintenance of grounds and buildings.

Our staff is caring and sensitive to your needs and will walk with you throughout the entire process, to ensure that your love one is remembered.

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We offer the following Products and Services:

Columbarium - NEW!

With a growing segment of the population preferring cremation and desiring a location to permanently inter urns, the Monongahela Cemetery is proud to announce the construction of a solid granite, above ground columbarium.

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Lot Acquisition

The Monongahela Cemetery will have space for development for centuries to come, allowing us to provide a serene resting place for future generations.

We offer the following lot configurations:

  • Individual
  • Companion
  • Family Lots

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Please contact our staff to arrange a tour of our grounds.

Interment Services

We are able to provide both graveside or chapel services. Our historic stone chapel offers a comforting committal location year round.

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Pre-Arranged Burial

Pre-arranged burial opportunities allow you to make decisions now (at current costs) in order to ease the burden on your family.



For your convenience, we have a wide range of monuments for every budget. Monuments may also be selected, purchased and installed, now, at present costs.

We also offer Perpetual Stone Care. Stones are carefully cleaned and repaired from any wear created by time and the elements.

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Family and Individual Mausoleums

Exquisitely designed granite structures of your choice may be located at select areas throughout the cemetery.


Memorial Benches

Memorials can be handsomely engraved in benches that line the winding paths of the cemetery—a beautiful and lasting tribute.

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Perpetual Adornment

A one-time fee ensures perpetual floral cultivation by our skilled caretakers.

» Click Here to See Pricing and Additional Info Regarding our Premium Lot Care Products

Now Accepting Credit Cards

Every effort is made to ensure all costs are reasonable. We realize, however, that financial considerations vary from family to family. The Monongahela Cemetery nowaccepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Credit Cards Now Accepted


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