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About Us

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With 160 acres, the Monongahela Cemetery is the largest burial ground in the Monongahela Valley. As directed by the original incorporators, the cemetery is non-sectarian and is managed by a board of directors from the community.

The Monongahela Cemetery is a not-for-profit corporation. All monies are used to maintain and enhance the well-kept grounds and buildings.

Monongahela Cemetery Board of Directors
  Richard Bucchianeri   John S. Cattaneo
  President   Secretary
  Roger D'Emidio   Will Maurer
  Vice President   Treasurer
  James P. McCune   Scott Frederick
  Member at Large   Member at Large
  Alan Veliky   Mark Affinito
  Member at Large   Superintendent

Where the Past Meets the Present

After passing through the iron and granite gates and enter the cemetery, you will come upon the historic Monongahela Cemetery Chapel. The Monongahela Cemetery Chapel bridges the past with the present. The chapel's historic stone edifice, designed by the architect Frank P. Keller and constructed under the supervision of the Yohe Brothers in 1894, combines the grace of yesteryear with the accessibility of today. Located adjacent to the cemetery office, the chapel is available for services year-round.

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A modern office and efficient computerized record-keeping systems contribute to the forward-looking management of the Monongahela Cemetery. Our full-time staf, which is headed by cemetery Superintendent Mark Affinito, is glad to assist you with any of your needs.

Products and Services

The Monongahela Cemetery offers a wide variety of products and services.

Products and Services
Single, Companion, Family, and Monument Lots
Pre-Paid Interment
Perpetual Adornment Products and Services

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The Future

The Monongahela Cemetery has a long history of care-taking and dependable service. We are moving quietly toward tomorrow.

Our extensive grounds include select acres reserved for future development. Thoughtful planning and experienced grounds keeping ensure that the beauty and grace of the Monongahela Cemetery will endure for many years to come.



National Register of Historic Places Certificate

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Cemetery Map

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Monongahela Cemetery Chapel
Built in 1894 and designed by
Frank P. Keller

Monongahela Cemetery Chapel - Click Here to Enlarge

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Our dedicated and caring
staff will take the time to
walk you through the
planning process and will
work diligently to meet
all of your needs.

We offer a wide range of products and services at the Monongahela Cemetery

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The Monongahela Cemetery
will stand the test of time.
With over 100 additional acres
of land in reserve for the
future, the cemetery
will be a place of serenity for the generations to come.

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