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Welcome to the Monongahela Cemetery Website Located in Monongahela, PA (15063)

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Monongahela Cemetery Chapel Restoration Project

Remember Your Loved One

Order Seasonal Adornment Services

Ensure your loved one is memorialized this summer with Seasonal Adornment Services.

Your family member's grave will be dressed with a beautiful selection of live flowers that will be cultivated and maintainted by our staff throughout the entire summer season.

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Perpetual Adornment Services

Give the gift that will memorialize your loved one and last through the ages. Consider purchasing Perpetual Adornment Services.

A one-time fee ensures your loved one is memorialized for years to come with perpetual floral cultivation by our skilled care-takers.

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Established in 1863, The Monongahela Cemetery is revered as one of Pennsylvania’s most serene and beautifully landscaped cemetery facilities.

The Monongahela Cemetery offers a wide-range of services and products, including Pre-Need Planning, Memorials, and Burial Services. Our friendly and caring staff will take the time to walk you through the planning process and diligently work to meet your family’s special needs.

National Registered Historic Site

The Monongahela Cemetery is honored to be recognized as a National Registered Historic Site. This unique classification is testament to our commitment to historic preservation and community involvement.

We are dedicated to the generations who have selected our cemetery as their final resting place, and we continue to provide them with a serene, well-kept environment till the end of ages.


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National Register of Historic Places Certificate

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